non-asbestos pore calcium silicate is one kind of white, the flinty new thermal insulation material, it has a light density low thermal...

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    no asbestos microporous calcium silicate.
    hydrophobic calcium silicate.
    high temperature calcium silicate
    high temperature binder
    calcium silicate surface material.
    mineral wool silicate aluminum products.
    centrifugal glass cotton products.
    new high - efficiency thermal insulation materials.
    comparison of hard and soft materials.
high quality suppliers in petroleum, chemical industry and electric power industry
the non-asbestos 韩宝贝在线免费观看0pore calcium silicate products, in the same industry competition in the country won six first, that is the first research and development production base, the national science and technology progress prize, the first the first won the second prize of chinese academy of sciences, the first was awarded a prize of shanghai energy conservation product, the first export, founded the first outside the asbestos-free calcium silicate plant. at present, the products are exported to many countries in southeast asia, and established indonesia xinglong thermal insulation materials co., ltd. in indonesia, and established a production base, which is well received by users.
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building materials engineering performance

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        zhongjian group is located in the picturesque scenery of taihu lake in the south of the yangtze river, known as the "green town" of gaocheng town. the company was founded in 1976. her in yixing zhongjian heat preservation material products co., ltd., yixing zhongjian insulation installation engineering co., ltd., as the core, with yixing high lianyingchang cheng heat preservation material of the shanghai institute of ceramics, huadian environmental protection equipment factory for the fixed layer. many colleges and universities in the country and 在线免费视频永久播放3research and design institutes have long - term technology development cooperation. at present...